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  • Stun Guns

    Seldom do we get a report about someone who uses a stun gun to defend themselves. Below is such a report.

    A woman whose boyfriend was shot by Las Vegas police on Monday told authorities she got away when he attacked her by shocking him with a stun gun, a Metro arrest report said.

    Officers later confronted Allen J. Stout, 36, and shot him after he pointed a gun at them, police said. Stout was taken to University Medical Center for treatment and later booked into the county jail, police said.

    According to the arrest report, the woman was in the apartment she shared with Stout at 7300 Pirates Cove about 2 p.m. when he came in through a window, grabbed her by the hair and bit her. She ran outside, but Stout knocked her to the sidewalk, pounded her head into the concrete and choked her until she felt like she was going to pass out, the report said.

    Stout pulled a handgun, threatening to kill the woman and himself. She then pulled out a Stun Gun and shocked him several times, the report alleges, causing Stout to drop the gun. The woman threw the gun away and ran, the report said.

    Another victory for the good guys

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